New York

You may stay in New York City for a few days or a few weeks, but New York City stays with you forever. The Big Apple as it's affectionately known has everything you could want out of a city break. Known for its world-famous skyline, world-class museums, best theatre, museums, restaurants, nightlife and shopping in the US and of course, the unique personalities of the New Yorkers themselves. Yellow cabs, steaming vents and towering buildings provide a continuous reminder of where you are. Whether you’re taking a stroll through Central Park, marveling at the money monuments on Wall Street or simply enjoying a lazy brunch at one of the easy-going diners, New York City really does have something for everyone. The layout of the city makes navigation straight forward and all the major suburbs can be visited via bus, cab or on foot. From Manhattan to China Town; Little Italy to Brooklyn, New York is one destination that you’ll want to visit time and time again. You could spend a lifetime here and still not see it all. You can't do a lot in a 'New York minute' - but you can do a whole lot on a New York City break.

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