Far East

For centuries the Far East has captured the imagination of western explorers with its diversity of cultures, customs, traditions and languages. It is often these ancient rituals and values which continue to fascinate today's traveller, even amidst modern Asia and its thriving cities.

Experience the thrill of Hong Kong, the neon lights and busy harbour. Explore cosmopolitan Singapore, a city of skyscrapers, where, beneath the veneer lies a rich and vibrant multi-culture with strong individual identities.

Wonder at Bangkok, 'The City of Angels', discover all that this 24-hour city has to offer.

After exploring these or many other cities, take a relaxing break in a tropical paradise and enjoy a slower pace of life in Bali, Penang, Koh samui or Phuket or one of countless other beautiful islands and beach resorts around Asia.

Whatever you want to get out of your holiday in the Far East, rest assured that we will exceed all your expectations.

Flight Offers

Destination Departure Airline Travel Period Book Before Price (PP)
Bangkok Business Class Various departures Turkish Various 31 January 2018 £1499
Hong Kong Various Emirates Various 31 January 2018 £479
Phuket Heathrow Emirates Various 31 January 2018 £552
Beijing Various Emirates Various 31 January 2018 £489
Kuala Lumpur Various Emirates Various 31 January 2018 £459

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