The captivating continent of Africa offers a travel experience like no other. You'll find richly diverse landscapes and some of the world's most fascinating creatures, beaches, scenery and cuisines. Be ready to be blown away by the diversity this continent has to offer.

Bounded by both the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, South Africa is a land of stunning diversity, rich cultural heritage and breathtaking natural beauty. Spectacular mountains, subtropical forests and white-sand coastlines echo a country where you’re guaranteed an adventure around every corner.

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Destination Departure Airline Travel Period Book Before Price (PP)
Nairobi Heathrow Emirates Various 11 July 2019 £499
Cape Town Various Emirates Various 17 July 2019 £559
Accra Various KLM Various 05 May 2019 £419
Johannesburg Various Emirates Various 11 July 2019 £525
Durban Heathrow Emirates Various 11 June 2019 £569

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