Hong Kong Flyer

07 November 2013
Hong Kong Flyer

On a cold October day we ventured to the Emirates check in at Newcastle Airport. This time rather than just a short(ish) flight to Dubai we were going on to Hong Kong.

Once on board the aircraft Emirates were their usual hospitable selves. Excellent service as usual and the wine was flowing. The cabin crew (especially two Geordie Girls) were brilliant and all too soon the flight landed at Dubai. Getting off the aircraft was a shock to the system as we had left a cold frosty UK and were now at midnight in a really hot climate.

We had 3 hours to wait before our connecting flight to Hong Kong but in Dubai this is not a problem. A look round the duty free and a cup off coffee and it was soon time to board. The usual high standard of service again and after a sleep we were arriving in Hong Kong.

As some of you will know, the airport in Hong Kong is on another island to the main areas. Not a problem here and a good tip, use the airport train. Very efficient service and within half an hour we arrived at Hong Kong Central station. From here most of the hotels have shuttle busses, however we opted for a taxi as we had just missed a bus. Taxis over here are very good value (£5 for a 20 min trip)

Our hotel, the Cosmopolitan was in a great location and we had a brilliant view of Happy Valley racecourse. The hotel is over the road from a tram stop and about 10 mins walk from a Metro station.

A good tip is buy an Octopus card (the equivalent of an Oyster card in London). You load the card up and scan it every time you travel (even on the trams)

On Hong Kong Island, the tram system works wonders. A flat fare of HK$2.20 (approx. 20p) will take you anywhere on their lines on Hong Kong Island.Another tip is try to avoid rush hour from travelling. Also take a trip at night as you will see Hong Kong in a totally different light (literally) with all of the neon signs lit up

To get from the Island to Kowloon Peninsula (apart from the Metro) is to take the Star ferries. These little boats cross over the harbour for next to nothing (again approx. 20p) and you get a great view of the place during the day or at night.

The first day we explored the place like mad. One of the guys is a professional photographer and made the most of the surroundings.

On an evening you are spoilt for choice for food/drink/entertainment. During our stay apart from Chinese food we had Arabic/Malay/Mexican/Italian all at prices to suit different budgets.

No trip to Hong Kong is complete without a trip up to Victoria peak. You can walk up , but the sensible people take the tram to the top. Brilliant views all around from up here. Another tip is allow some time as there is a 3km walk around the peak. You walk around through the gardens and trees and at each turn you are rewarded with another stunning view. The walk is fairly easy with only a few gentle undulating slopes. Once back at the tram you can always have a coffee or something stronger to revive you.

If you are into shopping then Hong Kong is a paradise for you with anything from market stalls, through state of the art shopping malls up to the high luxury goods (Louis Vitton et all)

For the sports lovers, you have 2 race courses, and at Happy valley they even have a running track the general public can use.

If you are there in march you also have the rugby 7s.

You also have great sports bars where the ex pats and other sports lovers gather on a Saturday afternoon to cheer their teams on.

All too soon the trip came to an end and it was back to the airport for the flight home. The hotel shuttle dropped us off at the station and with most of the major airlines you can check in at the station. This saves carrying your bags to the airport. once again, jump on the train and when you arrive at the airport it is straight through security , no waiting at check in.

Hong Kong is a great destination in itself, or combine it with a beach resort if you want. There are many to choose from in the far east, from Thailand to Bali, Malaysia to Vietnam

or, if you are enroute to Australia/New Zealand , Hong Kong makes a great stopover to relax before your next flights.


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