A Tale of Two Cities

24 May 2013
A Tale of Two Cities

Two rugby tournaments 800 miles apart

Well the weekend has arrived for two very different rugby tours.

One group going to sunny Majorca to play in a friendly match, and the other group going to not so sunny Twickenham to watch the last Rugby 7s of the series.

I got to travel to not so sunny London.

Couple of tips, we booked a rail inclusive package from the North East to London and paid the surcharge (£10 each way ) for first class.

After a gentle "one for the rails" we boarded the London bound train. We were entertained by a large group of people going to York races but after York it was very quiet onboard.

Another tip for London, if your trip falls on the same day as the FA Cup Final if you stay out of the city centre then you can pick up a bargain. We stayed out at Hatton Cross and saved a small fortune.

This was short lived as the second night we decamped to the Marriott at Twickenham which was slightly more expensive. However this was more than made up for by the location and standard of the hotel. The hotel is built onto the rugby stadium so it is an easy stumble home.

As it was the Marriott Rugby 7s, we were met at the door with vouchers for 20% off drinks at the Side Step Bar in the hotel so this was very welcome.

A quick change later and we emerged in our safari gear all ready for the rugby.

The 7s has a different theme each year and this year it was safari which was a big change from last years 70s theme.

Outside there were people dressed as different animals (very good group of girls dressed as flamingos ) and also dressed in pith helmets and safari gear.

It is amazing that although there is a big party atmosphere (alcohol is allowed in the terraces) there is a big family atmosphere and there is no trouble at all. Everyone just enjoying themselves.

As we were at the hotel at 10am we couldnt check in as the rooms were not available. No problem as they kept our bags and reception phoned me in the afternoon when our room was ready. It took about 10 mins from our seat to checking into our rooms. A few minutes later we were back out and into the matches.

A good win for New Zealand over the Aussies in the main trophy match but the England womens team won their tournament.

After the matches were over we all repaired to the bar to comment on the days play.

After an hour we all ventured into Twickenham town centre , albeit a little self conscious in our costumes . We shouldnt  have worried as the town centre was full of rugby supporters in full Safari attire.

After a nice curry we limped back to the hotel, very tired but happy.

Next morning, after a superb Marriott breakfast we said our goodbyes and made our way back to Kings Cross for the train North.

Another good tip, buy a London Travel card pass (or Oyster card) as this is a lot cheaper than single fares.



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